Hannah Wohltjen

Consultant & Co-Founder

Curator of the Elevate Aesthetic

What My Co-Founders Say About Me

  • “Hannah, can you help me make this pretty?”

  • Wields the power of “no” with great skill

What I’m Passionate About

Making evaluation and data approachable; Equalizing the data playing field; Data visualization; Creative reporting techniques; Research/method design; Qualitative analysis; Quantitative analysis.

My Alma Mater(s)

  • M.P.H. in Health Promotion, The George Washington University

  • M.A. in Medical Anthropology, University of Kentucky

  • B.A. in Anthropology, Miami University (Ohio)

Ask Me About

Snarky cross-stitch, Lord of the Rings (or really any fantasy/sci-fi reading material), being a former dance company member

Contact Hannah
(615) 200-6581